Candidates are directed to follow the procedure below to upload their payment details using either their Phone or a PC:

  1. Visit our Portal at
    When you do the following Notice will appear:
  2. Click on “Application Fees/Guides”.
    Locate and click on “Submit Teller Details”
    The following Dialog Box will appear:
  3. Click on “Submit Teller Details”
    The following form will appear:
  4. Complete the form and submit accordingly

Thereafter, the Application will be approved, by the Accounting Officer, after confirming your payment.
Then the candidate will go ahead to do his/her Acceptance, after making the necessary payment and having the Accounting Officer confirm same.
The system will then assign a Username and Password to the candidate to access his/her Dashboard through which he/she will be able to do his/her Studentship Registration, and continue with other processes till he/she graduates.
On successful Studentship Registration, a Registration Number is assigned to the student.

Please, it is important to reiterate that Paul University CPGS Programmes are designed to be less stressful but will create maximum impact in both the quality of what the students learn and eventually deploy to their respective operations.

Click to download PDF version of the Process Flow

Thank You.

Ken Akwue
Coordinator, Online Programmes & Services
Paul University

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